WebBuilder 7 Release

WebBuilder is an open source visual Web application development and running platform. Browser-based IDE, drag and drop features makes application development quickly and easily. Efficient, stable and scalable features suit for complex applications. Cross-platform, database and browser architecture adapt to the complex environments.

About WebBuilder

WebBuilder is a powerful Web application development and running platform, it can build ERP, OA, CRM, HR, MIS and other business applications. WebBuilder has perfect infrastructure and full functionality modules to implement business quickly and easily. [Online Use]

Why Use WebBuilder

  • Greatly reduce application development and operating costs;
  • Visual design and intelligent mechanisms to enable developing applications simple and fast;
  • Rich and comprehensive functionality allowing users to only committed to business development;
  • Cloud-based architecture, you can develop and deploy applications anywhere;
  • Experienced project development team support.

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We provide custom application development, training and online technical support services, please feel free to contact us with E-mail:contact@putdb.com

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  • PBC
  • CMCC
  • Accenture
  • EML Corporation


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